This custom training plan can help you prepare for your first, your fastest and or your FUNNEST race. Coach Denise creates your personal training plan based on where you are at with your running mileage-wise (current weekly mileage & current ong run distance), what days that you can run on, if you cross train and on what days, race(s) that you are signed up for, your race goal(s) (set PR, finish, finish injury free, improve pace) etc. 

***This custom plan also includes a 1 hour kick off call, via Zoom with Coach Denise. She will schedule your Zoom call after you receive your plan.**


Marathon Whisperer, Author and 28-Time Chicago Marathon finisher, Coach Denise Sauriol combines her experience from 29 years of running marathons with her 12 years of coaching athletes into writing her training plans. She has written training plans for all distances from 5K to 100-mile utlra marathons and everything in between.

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